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Homepage. This page: Another old photo sent in by Les, this one featuring the MG production line at Abingdon.
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MG Sports and saloon cars.

Yet another period image, scanned and sent over by Les, this one of the MG factory in the early post-war years.
MG cars being built
This large picture shows a number of MGs being built at the works in Abingdon, Oxfordshire. The assembly line to the right appears to show MG sportscars, probably the TC model, being assembled over a long pit area in which the workers do their thing. Did all TCs come with an extra lamp fitted alongside the radiator shell, or was it to special order I wonder? in fact the chap in braces, nearest the camera, could be in the process of installing a second lamp to the other side. The sidelights are already in place on top of the front wings, but the main headlights are not yet fitted. Note the various inspection and "Nuffield Export" labels attached to the cars' windscreens.
Over to the left is a separate assembly area, this time for either YA or YB saloon cars.
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