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See Homepage. This page: Period photos including of a two-tone British Sunbeam car of 1954-on.
Original transport photographs
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1. Sunbeam-Talbot 90

Parked up and glistening in the sun is a smart MkIII Sunbeam-Talbot 90.
Original Sunbeam Talbot car photograph
Initially, these Sunbeam Talbots were available as either the 80 or 90, depending on engine size, and first hit the streets in mid 1948. The 80 only continued until the intriduction of the Mk2 models, after which just the 90 was available. There were now 2 air intakes, either side of the main grille. The front wings and headlamp positions were also raised slightly to satisfy American regulations. In 1952 the Mk2A came along, easily distinguished by its lack of rear wheel spats.
The Mk3 90 took over from the earlier model in 1954, and that is what is shown above. The intake grilles were enlarged once again, and 3 'port holes' added to each side.
The car shown in this photo is a late example of the MkIII 90 therefore, and has a few optional extras fitted by the doting owner, including an array of motoring organisation badges fitted to a badge bar up front (one is for the RAC breakdown organisation). Note the full-width wheeltrims on this car, and the skinny crossply tyres. I think the registration is 997 LMV.
The house in the background is a typical 1930s-era semi, of a type seen up and down the UK. The ornate building next to the car is I assume its garage, and this is quite an ornate brick-built construction.

2. A Sunbeam-Talbot 90 MkIIA being craned onto a ship.

Admittedly these next two photographs aren't particularly good, but it seemed like a shame just to leave them in an album. They portray Sunbeam-Talbot 90 registration FHL 909 being craned on to, or off, a ship in the original way of loading and unloading a vehicle, before the days of roll-on roll-off ferries and the like. No wonder many cars got damaged during this process, a good gust of wind could make things quite exciting I'm sure. The FHL registration series first saw light of day in May 1953, at the time of the Sunbeam-Talbot 90 MkIIA being current (1952-1954).
The first picture shows the car dangling 10ft or so above the quayside. The presence of a GB plate on the Sunbeam's bootlid suggest it was used on one or more continental tours during its life.
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Sunbeam-Talbot 90 being unloaded from a ship by crane
Once again I apologise for the dubious quality of these images, the photos themselves are in good order so I can only think that the negatives were damaged at some point prior to developing them - perhaps the camera was dropped into the sea during the owners' holiday. Photo no.2 sees the car much higher in the air, while nautical chaps carry on with their business in the foreground. Note the trailer too, sporting a "T" trailer plate on its rear panel. A glimpse of other cars on the ship's deck can just be seen.
Loading a car onto a ship by crane
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Photos of a much earlier Sunbeam Talbot, a 3.5 Litre saloon used on an adventurous drive across Africa, can also be found in the gallery.

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