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See Homepage. This page: An interesting (!) towing combination seen in 1981.
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DAF 55 with a DKW on the trailer behind.

David, of rocking horse restoration and sales fame, sent this old colour photo to me in September 2006...

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DAF 55 and DKW cars

David has owned all manner of cars since the 1960s, including this unusual pairing, seen here in Kent back in 1981.

"Just been looking at your site and saw that you had pics of a DAF 55, which reminded me of a picture I had taken in 1981. I was given 2 x DKWs - this is the best one! I later sold the DAF to a mate, who said it made 'strange noises' even for a DAF."

Probably a good job that PC49 didn't spot this combination crawling by, the DAF must have struggled a bit pulling both the (2 stroke) DKW car and the trailer.

The DAF 55 was an evolution of the 33 and 44 models, and finally morphed into the 66, and later the Volvo 66, after the latter's takeover of the DAF concern in 1975. The 55 was produced from 1967 to 1972 (making the K reg example shown here quite a late one), and had a 4 cylinder engine of 1108cc (compared to the 44's air cooled 2 cyl 844cc unit). In 1969 a sporty 'Marathon' upgrade kit was marketed, and this became a factory model from 1971. There's some interesting info on these cars at this Classic DAF website in Holland.

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