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See Homepage. This page: A vintage Ford parked up outside a smart 3 storey house.
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Model T Ford Ambulance.

Now, a very early photo showing a Ford T (with passenger) parked outside a smart home.
Model T Ford
I've got two possible theories about this image - first is that this picture was taken in 1920s America. It shows a Model T Ford commercial parked at the side of a road, facing another old van - possibly also a Tin Lizzie although the wheels are slightly different in pattern, and the wings, or 'fenders', a different shape.
Just visible on the rear body of the Model T is a red cross, which suggests that this was an ambulance of some kind. Also note the two spare tyres ('tires') strapped to the side, just behind the passenger - in those days you had to remove the tyre from the rim if you had a puncture, and fit a replacement cover.
My second theory is this - I did half wonder if this Ford was in fact photographed in France during the WW1 era, and the ambulance in use by the military (I've had a close look at the picture with a magnifying glass and there may be some numbers - beginning 25... - stencilled onto the bonnet, or 'hood'), but I've no evidence either way to prove or disprove this slight possibility. Did Model Ts serve in military use during the First World War? all input welcomed.
Dane dropped me a line about this Model T photo, with the following information:
"The ambulance is definitely a T and I rather think that the other vehicle is one too. The angle/light seems to make the wheels look different.
Brass radiator T's were built from the beginning until 1916/17 depending which factory they came from. So these cars (they are car chassis as opposed to the TT truck chassis) are pre 1917. Both are wearing non-Ford paraffin (kerosine) side lamps, and even the hooded acetylene headlamps do not look standard. The vehicle on the left is probably 1914 or a little earlier by the design of the mudguards.
Fords were used extensively during WW1, firstly the 'Brass Radiator' models but later the 'Black Radiator' ones, in fact an Australian contingent in the Middle East used a fleet of black rad cars some with mounted machine guns. Somewhere I have a photo in a publication, I'll try to find it.
The photo could well be in France, but do you think it might be in England? One of those nice big houses being used as a hospital? Pity we can't work out what the emblem on the gate might tell us."
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