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See Homepage. This page: Photographs from the 1950s featuring BMC/Austin's diminutive A35 van
Original transport photographs
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Austin A35 Van.

Yet more photos for the period car picture section, this time of standard Austin A35 vans in action during the 1950s.
Austin A35 van
The first picture shows an A35 van pulling on to what looks like a car ferry of some kind, closely pursued by a dark coloured Morris Minor (note the open quarterlight). Perhaps the van driver is holding things up by letting his missus run ahead, to take the photo? The van is registered 6881 YG - a check online suggests that this vehicle is no longer on the road, and most likely spent its final minutes being pressed into a neat cube in a breaker's yard somewhere (sob). Unmolested vans are getting scarce now, many had windows cut into their rear sides in an attempt to make a Countryman out of a bog standard van, and save some tax (photos of a converted A30 Van can be seen here). Factory-built A30 and A35 Countrymans don't have a roof vent, something that can just be made out in the photos of this van.
Update December 2009. Mick dropped me a note, thinking that he might recognise the location of the ferry: "I think the first photo might be the lower ferry Kingswear to Dartmouth, and it looks to me as its on the Kingswear side of the river (River Dart)". Thanks Mick!

The same A35, in Somerset.

1950s Van
The second photo shows the same light commercial entering through a gate, with a payment being passed to the lady on the right who has just risen from her old chair. Behind is a 50s Ford, a 300E van I think. A small sign hanging on the gate reminds drivers to 'Please Sound Your Horn'. I've no idea where these pictures were taken. The van looks to be in very tidy order, although the windscreen wipers seem to park at an odd position - no view for the passenger.
Update November 2007. Jeremy got in touch, and has identified the location of this A35 van photograph:
"The second photo, with the lady at the gate, was taken at the Porlock toll road in West Somerset. The gatehouse and gates look pretty much the same today as in the photos. The gatekeeper, from what I can remember, was called Mr. Hammet. Hope this helps tie up a few ends! Very good website, thanks."

2. A 1957 van, parked in a street.

David sent over this scan of a slide, in it is a London-registered A35 van reg. ULA 124, finished in a light grey colour. The wipers on this example park in a more conventional manner than those fitted to the first van, above. This example dates to 1957, and was caught on film in the process of being passed by a Morris delivery van. If the clock in the background is correct, the time is (was) 10.54am.
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Van parked in London street

3. An A35 van owned by a plant hire business.

Keith Belcher permitted me to share some of his photos on OCC. Here's a snapshot of a 1962 A35 van that was in use with his father's plant hire business, registration 29 FVP (1962). Vans such as this are both rare and quite sought-after today, either for promoting a business, or simply for use as a handy runaround, with sufficient space for collecting items from the local garden centre, or DIY emporium for example. Evidently this photograph was taken on a particularly chilly winter's day. Thanks for the photo Keith.
A 1962 Austin van
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