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See Homepage. This page: A 1950s Bedford used to deliver ice cream.
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Ice Creams delivered in a Bedford van

Old commercial vehicles feature strongly in the submissions sent over by Les, and here is another, this time showing J.J. Miller's Bedford ice cream van, based on the standard 90 inch wheelbase chassis.

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Bedford CA

Ice cream van

I suspect this is an early-ish example from the mid 1950s, judging by the larger diameter wheels and full-width hubcaps, when compared to those found on later examples of this van. I can't see from here but it should also have a split windscreen. The CA first came out in 1952, and was available in a number of layouts - van, chassis/cab, or just chassis/cowl, which was ideal for coachbuilders to then body as required. The CA would be used for a number of different applications, including camper van, minibus, ambulance, or pickup truck. These CAs were rated at either 10cwt or 12cwt, as with the PC vans beforehand.

At the end of the 1950s, the CA range received an update, and the split screen was replaced with a one-piece unit, and the vehicle was upgraded to a 15cwt. Previously, CAs came with a 90 inch wheelbase. The new, Mk2, version could now be ordered with a new longer wheelbase of 102 inches, and would be known as the CAL. The original 90 inch version would now be called the CAS. The CA would soldier on throughout the 1960s, the final examples of the facelifted Mk3 (introduced part way through the decade) being constructed in 1969 after which the CF took over in the Bedford showrooms.

More info on classic ice cream vans can be seen on this page.

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