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Original transport photographs
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Dodge WC52 Panel truck.

This group of photos came in a batch that I bought off eBay in 2006. Negatives were also included, which is unusual after all this time.

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WC-52 Dodge

More about this American lorry.

As military Dodges aren't exactly a strong suit of mine, I had to seek some guidance (thanks Gordon) as to what model of Dodge truck is shown here. It seems that it is definitely a half ton model, with 4x4 powertrain. Best bet is that it is a WC52 radio panel van, one of several hundred that were supplied to the Commonwealth forces during WW2.

This particular Dodge has been registered with civilian plates, so was probably sold on after hostilities to a civvy operator (as was my 1940 Dodge). Sadly the photographs came with no accompanying notes, so what use it was put to is anyone's guess. Does anyone recognise HPX 754? A close look at the offside rear bodywork suggests that this one has seen some serious use - a bit of panelbeating required I think. Nearby is a hefty fence with barbed wire along the top, I wonder if this photo was taken at the venue of the sell-off? perhaps on a base or redundant airfield somewhere? Does anyone recognise the make and model of car parked behind the chap in the photo below? The photo shows him ready to climb in the right hand door, yet the plate on the rear is a reminder that this would be a lefthand drive truck. The rear diff looks like it might leak a little.

WC52 Army Dodge

The only thing that I'm a little curious about is that the registration plate on the back looks like a new one, whereas that on the front looks very weather-worn, suggesting that perhaps the Dodge had been in civvy use for some time maybe? Unless the plates were brought along from another vehicle at home, and attached to this WC 52 for the journey home? Other than the lefthand drive sign on the rear door, there are no markings on this van to suggest where it operated.

WC52 Dodge radio van

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