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See Homepage. This page: People photographed with mockups of road cars, both veteran and vintage.
Original transport photographs
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Car-shaped mock-ups used by photographers in the early 20th Century.

Mockups like this were usually found at the seaside, enabling visitors to pose in various situations. Some comprised a mockup of a motor-car, maybe with a country scene painted onto a canvas in the background, while others featured a motorcycle, or other vehicle(s).
Firstly, a "motor-car" that is all at sea - it looks like the first mock-up shown on this page is of a vintage or even veteran car, situated either on the deck of a passenger ship, or perhaps more likely a pier.
Fake car
The 4 'occupants' look to be having a good time during their ride, photographed behind the wooden outline of a car, against which cut-outs of spoked wheels have been placed. No information as to the location of the photo is known, or on the people shown. I'd estimate that it dates to 1910-1920.

Side view of a tourer mock-up.

The second photograph shows a couple of youths, smartly dressed with matching flat caps, photographed 'sitting' inside another car silhouette, with a coastal scene forming the backdrop.
Car mockup used in photography
Another photo of this type, showing a couple sat alongside a mock-up of a '30s sportscar, can be seen here.
Four men photographed in Blackpool.
The third photo to feature on this page shows a group of chaps at Blackpool, photographed 'driving' a car, or perhaps more likely an omnibus or tram. This image was printed to make a postcard from it, yet was never written on or posted. It was produced by Electric Studios, who had studios in Blackpool (on Bank Hey Street, presumably the location of this photograph), and also in Sheffield, Douglas (I.O.M.), Belfast and also Oxford Rd in Manchester.
A mock-up of a car used in a photographer's studio
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