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LHD Morris 1000 saloon.

These 2 views of a 1960s Minor turned up in a batch of photos I bought recently.
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Morris Minor

Identifying the car in this photograph wasn't too difficult, it looks like a common-or-garden 1098cc Morris Minor from sometime in the 1960s, although you don't often see photos of lefthand drive Minors. However I was originally having more difficulty pinning down where this pic might have been taken - somewhere hot and arid by the looks of things, the trees and girl in the background (see second photo) gave a few clues.

I thought that the script on the numberplate must ring a bell with someone out there - the 'LT' on the numberplate may be a help - fortunately help did come along, as will become clear.
This particular Morris 1000 has a radio aerial fitted to the driver's front wing, and a sticker in the back window which pronounces - "Morris Minor 1000 Makes Mor of Your Petrol" - yup this is how More is spelt in the slogan!! perhaps it was fitted by a local dealer for Morris cars. Otherwise it looks like a totally standard 4dr saloon, even down to the skinny crossply tyres.
Morris 1000 saloon 4 door
Handily, on the day that I published these pictures on here, I heard from Olav, who advised that the Moggie is registered in Libya of all places, the 'LT' being a reference to Tripoli! Amazing the information that can be found online!!!! I wonder if this Minor 1000 still exists somewhere in Libya?
Jim in Australia also dropped me a line, confirming Libya as the location ..
"I am a number plate collector specialising in world plates, and I might be able to help with a location for this particular Morris. The plate is from LIBYA where LT = Libya, Tripoli, and obviously LB = Benghazi = etc etc. The plates were issued post 1949 through to the late 60's white or silver/black; serial consisted of a serial number up to 5 numbers with or without a letter prefix; the serial is most often in Arabic on the left and in Western characters on the right but the reverse is also verified; between the two serials is a 2 letter Registration Centre code in Western letters and Arabic letters; two line plates are also common with the Arabic usually at the top and the Western letters and numbers at the bottom."
"If you have any other unidentified plates/cars I'd be more than happy to help. I accept it as a good challenge! If I find any others I'll get back to you."
Thanks to both Olav and Jim for their help identifying where this Moggie Minor was photographed.
Don't forget to look at all the other old car photos on the site!! if you're a fan of the Moggie Minor, you can download a free screensaver here. A photo showing another Minor on foreign soil, parked at a French Shell garage, can be seen here.

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