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See Homepage. This page: A selection of photos from the mid 1950s.
Original transport photographs
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1930s Morris 8, Riley Kestrel, and Wolseley cars.

Four pictures of soldiers with their own civilian transportation.

Les sent this set of four small pics over to include in the photographs section. Four cars are shown, a Morris 8 Series 1 or 2 (rear view), a 1930s Riley Kestrel (4 light), and a Wolseley saloon.

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Apparently the soldiers seen above were part of the 19 tank transporter unit, and photographed somewhere around 1954/5. The Morris had, at the time the picture was taken, just been purchased for the sum of 40 GBP.

A close look at the photo suggests that the Morris' registration was DOV 675. The Wolseley was registered VL 7794, but needless to say neither of these cars appear on the DVLA's online records, so they've probably long since been crushed. The reg. on the Riley is less clear, perhaps BYH 135? I did wonder if this was a Kestrel, and an enthusiast for older Rileys has now confirmed this for me.

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