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Citroen Ami 6 estate car.

An original photograph issued to the press by Citroen in the 1960s, showing the new Ami 6 estate parked in a country lane.

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The blurb that comes with the picture states ..

"The new AMI 6 4-5 seater estate car announced in the British Isles on 7th October, 1966 and first shown at Earls Court. Available in two versions:

AMI 6 Tourisme Estate Car, Price 666 14s 0d.
AMI 6 Confort Estate Car, Price 698 13s 2d.

Saloon models also on sale."

Citroen Ami

Its fair to say that the Ami 6 was no looker, and the later Ami 8 wasn't much better. It is however a quirky and distinctive car, and has a small but super-loyal band of enthusiastic followers today. Several websites feature the Ami in some detail, including which is in English despite being on a German website address, and which has French text, and also discusses the Ami 6.

Apparently the Ami 6 had a decent production run, starting in 1961 and lasting for 10 years, the later 8 model lasting til 1979. The 6 was available as either a saloon (with the very raked rear screen) or station wagon, as shown above. Power came from a 2 cylinder engine of 602cc.

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