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See Homepage. This page: A line-up of classic lorries including Thornycrofts and a lone Foden milk tanker.
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loading milk churns onto a Thornycroft flatbed dray

Thornycroft & Foden Lorries/Tankers.

This large scale photograph was printed on card by Newhall Dairies Ltd, a company that was situated near the village of Aston in Cheshire, south of Nantwich. It went on to be used by Primebake for bread production, and is now owned by Bakkavor.

It shows a line-up of classic milk lorries, one a Foden tanker, and the remainder a selection of flatbed Thornycroft lorries with milk churns on the back. First up is an overall scan of this lovely photograph, probably taken in the mid 1950s, with further close-ups showing better detail on the featured lorries.

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Vintage milk lorries

Foden milk tanker

First close-up scan I've done focuses on the cracking Foden tanker, parked nearest the camera with its driver sat in the cab. The slogan on the side says "Buy From Your Grocer - CHESHIRE STERILIZED MILK". The registration number on the Foden is EJA 346, its fleet number was 422. I wonder if this lorry, or any of the others shown here, survive??

Foden tanker lorry

Three Thornycroft flatbed lorries

Next up are three Thornycrofts parked next to each other, backed up to the loading bay. They all look to be in superb condition, although only one has the distinctive 'T' badge on the grille. Registration numbers are DJA 315, BJA 475, and CJA 724. A couple of chaps are visible, preparing to unload the churns outside the Dairy. Can anyone provide more information on these lorries, who drove them, and perhaps what colours they were finished in? I'd be fascinated to see more photos if there are any out there?

Thornycroft lorries

Two more loaded Thornycrofts

Further away, and parked next to what looks like an outside storage area for milk churns, are two more lorries and again probably Thornycrofts, possibly examples of the Trusty model. The vehicle on the right is registered JA 9587 and looks a lot earlier than those shown above, probably dating to the 1940s. Just behind it is a bike shed, with a number of old motorcycles parked up.

Two more Thornycroft trucks

One more 1940s Thornycroft

Finally, a close-up showing another early flatbed, registered JA 9585. This one has a single headlamp, which makes me wonder if it is a fairly early lorry. In the background is a 'Through traffic' sign, and another warning of a narrow access bridge.

One more Thornycroft flatbed lorry

Elsewhere in this vintage photos section you can find a great b/w photograph of a much earlier Thornycroft lorry.

If anyone can shed any more light on the lorries used by Newhall Dairies Limited, or knew the drivers, I'd like to hear from you - I can be emailed via the contact page, thanks.

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