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Original transport photographs
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Two views of a six-light Wolseley saloon car.

Here are a couple of motoring photographs that turned up together, in a recent batch I bought, which makes me think that both pictures feature the same Wolseley.
Firstly, a young lad in shorts, posing in front of the large black Wolseley, outside what looks like the Brooklands hotel or B&B? Note the chrome horns and extra lamps fitted to the front of this example, perhaps a former Police car? these stately Wolseleys were popular with the boys in blue. Note the small Union Flag adorning the winged radiator mascot.
A classic 1930s Wolseley saloon car
Then what I think is the same car, this time viewed from the rear, photographed on a camping holiday at the seaside. Again the registration number on the Wolseley is partially obscured sadly. Perched on the back bumper is what looks like a rolled-up tent, with a small touring caravan (perhaps an Eccles) parked nose on to the car. Perhaps the adults slept in the relative splendour of the caravan, whilst the child(ren) kipped under canvas? The car looks very much like a Series 2 Wolseley 14/56 to me.
One Wolseley car plus a caravan

A Morris-derived Wolseley of the 1930s.

Found some time ago but only added to the site in 2009, is this old photo, showing a couple of people with a 1930s Wolseley saloon. I think this is the model based on the contemporary Morris 10/12, but with the boot bulge that the Morris didn't feature. If anyone can confirm the model(s) of Wolseley shown on this page, please get in touch.
Two people and a Wolseley car

An older Wolseley with it's owner.

The next photo shows a late '30s Wolseley saloon, along with it's owner and his dog. GOV is a Birmingham number. Note the rubber-fronted bumper overriders fitted to this example, along with an AA badge.
A pre-war Wolseley with it's owner
As more old photos featuring Wolseleys come to light, I'll add them to the site. A number of other pre-war Wolseleys already feature on oldclassiccar, including this 1939 example, a Wolseley 8hp and 9hp both on this page, and an advert for a 6 cylinder Viper here.
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