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See Homepage. This page: Various people sat on the running boards of their late 1920s Opel motorcars.
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Late 1920s Opels.

One marque that has featured little on the site to date is Opel. I'm working my way through a batch of German and European photographs, so hopefully more of these German automobiles will feature on oldclassiccar in the not too distant future.
1920s Opel
Can anyone tell me the model of vintage Opel saloon shown here? I've done some research, and the distinctive shape of radiator visible in this shot was replaced by a more conventional item in the early 1930s. Opels of the late 1920s feature the stepped radiator seen here. A number of different models were built, and this looks like a fairly modest example. Note the angle of the headlamp furthest away from the camera!
The two closest matches I've found so far are the 4/20 and 4/16, although the profile of the radiator, along the bottom edge, doesn't look like an exact match for either of these models. Hopefully an Opel expert will stumble across this page and be able to positively identify this car. It would also be interesting to know where the registration IM 5920 comes from. Update: Anders contacted me about this photograph, he thinks it is "a larger 8/40 model, 1928-30. The IM registration number indicates that the car is from the province of Saxony (Source:Ostwald Deutsche Autos 1920-45)".
Late 1920s Opel
The second photograph was taken in July 1929, and again shows a group of people with a vintage Opel. A note on the rear says "Auf der fahrt nach Rheinsberg Juli 1929", which I take to mean "on the road from Rheinsberg", which is in the Brandenburg area of Germany. Anders was able to identify this one as an Opel 4/16, from 1927-28. Thanks!
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