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Homepage. This page: Three chirpy chaps and their trusty Thames lorry, plus another in the livery of Raymond Way of Kilburn.
Original transport photographs
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A Thames lorry as owned by Wimpey.

Two more original photos from my album to start this page off. This pair show three gents and a slightly grubby looking Ford Thames lorry, in the colours of Wimpey, which could well be the building firm that is still around today.
Thames ET6 lorry
Two versions of the ET6 lorry were available during the 1950s, one petrol powered, the other - the Thames 4D range - propelled by an oil burner. If this is a petrol engined version of the ET6, it would have had a flathead V8 engine nestling under the bonnet. Smoking was seemingly a much more common pastime back in the 1950s too - perhaps not everything was better back then!
Ford Thames truck

Raymond Way Ltd of Kilburn.

The next 1950s photograph was emailed to me by Jan Parker. This cracking image shows her grandfather, Eddie Peplow (Edwin Harold Peplow), stood alongside a brand new Fordson Thames ET6 lorry, in the livery of Raymond Way Ltd. The truck, OKX 244, looks to be brand new - even the letters of the registration plate are glistening. The signwriting down the side of the lorry says "Raymond Way of Kilburn .. The Car & Motor Cycle Hire Purchase Specialists" and Eddie's overalls advertise Regent Service. Jan is hoping to identify the year of this lorry, and hopes that showing it here might strike a chord with someone who perhaps remembers Eddie, or these Thames lorries when used by Raymond Way Ltd. The OKX series was used from May 1951 onwards. I think later lorries only had Thames badges, the Fordson part being dropped early in the 1950s.
Fordson Thames ET6 used by Raymond Way Ltd

A line-up of Ford Thames 4D lorries in Scotland.

The line-up of 4D lorries in the following photo (sent by Henry Pirie) belonged to Grays of Fetterangus, in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, a manufacturer of agricultural equipment. Six Thames 4D lorries star in this staged photograph, interestingly the company still ran examples of the Fordson/Thames 7V and a pair of these older vehicles can just be made out, at the far end of the line (a better photo of one of the company's earlier lorries can be found on the 7V photo page). Note the smartly-attired drivers. Thanks for the picture Henry.
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Line-up of Ford Thames 4D lorries
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