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See Homepage. This page: Taken from an old negative, a photograph of a vintage Oakland touring car.
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Circa 1915 Oakland.

Alan got in touch, looking for help in identifying the vintage motor-car shown below. It looked American, but to find out the car's manufacturer required some extra help. It turns out that the car is an Oakland, circa 1915. I'd been told that it was probably a Model 37, but I suspect it could be a Model 38 Oakland.
A vintage Oakland motorcar
In the firm's early years (1907 - 1909) it was an independent, and traded as the Oakland Motor Car Company, before being absorbed into General Motors where it continued producing cars until 1931. At the time, GM's policy was to have a brand to suit all pockets, with various models sold under each marque name. At the foot of the ladder was Chevrolet, with Oakland positioned a rung or two above it. Oldsmobile and Buick were the premium marques, and ones that Chevy owners might have aspired to own one day. Cadillac, at the top of the pile, was for captains of industry and other equally well-heeled individuals only.
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