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The Belsize motor-car.

Some research on the VSCC forum led to this car being identified as a Belsize, probably a 10/12hp tourer of the 1912 - 1916 era. It could well be that the photograph was taken during a run-up to an election, both gents are wearing similar badges on their lapels, and there is a placard draped over the Belsize's radiator. In the background is a hotel, with, out of shot here, Snelling Butchers to the left.
A pre-WW1 Belsize motor-car
Belsize Motors was founded by Marshall & Company, and produced Belsize cars from their works in Clayton, Manchester from 1901. By the outbreak of WW1 they were producing a wide range of models, yet by 1923 the firm was in the hands of the receivers, with the doors closing for good in 1925. The 10/20 was powered by a four cylinder engine of 1950cc.

Belsize - "Speedy, powerful .. and luxuriously cosy".

The two Belsize advertisements shown below are both a little later than the car above. The first, a simple advertisement with no specific car shown, dates to during the WW1 period and simply promotes their products as the "After war" cars. The more optimistic advertisement to the right, presumably dating to 1918 or shortly afterwards, is much more upbeat. Two young fillies are seen at the beach, with their Belsize tourer for company. Could a car sound any more appealing than .. "Speedy, powerful, responsive, all you can desire in engine efficiency and yet economical. Built for comfort and convenience, generously proportioned, roomy and luxuriously cosy" ?
Two period advertisements for the Belsize car
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A photo of a slightly later (c1921-1925) Belsize-Bradshaw may be found on this page.

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