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1. A post-war Austin 16.

Godfrey kindly sent the first two Austin photos over, they both feature his father's second motor-car, a 1949 Austin 16 saloon (it replaced a 1933 Daimler 15). The photos date to 1955 or 1956, and along with the photos, Godfrey also has an original insurance document from that time, and sent that over too.
A 1949 Austin 16
"Later, about 1958 or 1959, I remember journeys from Worcester to Birmingham when we visited my father's mother and sister, and how cold it would be, sat in the back of the Austin on the night time journeys home. Not sure if the car had a heater at all, but if it did, it certainly didn't get to the back. As a child I was interested in the traficators and standing on the running boards, but remember later my father telling me of the in-built hydraulic jacking system this car had, powered by a pump under the bonnet. My mother, who had been driving all sorts of cars, vans and lorries since she was 17 in 1940, always thought this to be on of the nicest cars to drive that they'd ever had."
An Austin Sixteen parked at the roadside
Thanks for the photos Godfrey! The Austin was registered KTV 759, a Nottingham-area registration first used in June 1948. The Austin 16 shared no parts with its pre-war cousin, although it did incorporate the bodyshell of the pre-war Austin 12, but fitted with a new four cylinder engine of 2199cc. Production continued until its replacement, the bulbous Austin A70 Hampshire, was ready for production. In 1958, Godfrey's particular Austin was replaced by a Vauxhall Wyvern.

2. A different post-war Austin Sixteen.

There are two photographs of the next 16hp Austin also. Again this is a post-war example of the breed, the registration (GR 9897) is approaching the end of that particular series' run, which ended in January 1948. The car is shown with three gents in all, seemingly enjoying a swift beverage and a smoke before carrying on with their journey. The car is in reasonable condition, although the numberplate is slightly bent, as is the nearside running board beneath the doors.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
A 1947/1948 Austin 16 saloon car
Same car, same location

3. A Somerset-registered Austin.

The following two photographs feature the same car and the same location, what looks to be a run-down car park or piece of wasteland being used for parking. The Austin 16 is registered HYD 893, a series introduced in Somerset in April 1947, dating this car to 1947 or 1948 most likely. To its left is an earlier, pre-war Austin, sagging to one side perhaps due to a flat tyre - note the L plate attached to the car's bumper. Maybe the new 16 was bought to replace this earlier car?
To the Austin's right is a pre-war Talbot Ten drophead, registration JT 9892. This Dorset-area number ran from November 1933 to October 1938, quite possibly the month of this Talbot's registration. A variety of old classics can be seen parked in the distance, include a Ford, another Austin, and a Morris, with a Vauxhall just visible above the Austin 16's radiator mascot.
Austin and Talbot cars
The next shot shows the front end of the three main cars (Austin, Austin, Talbot) and away into the distance, where an unidentified pickup can just be seen driving along.
Another view of the Austin 16

4. "Rover" takes a rest in the back of a 1948 Austin car.

Austin 16 registration JFJ 473 is seen here doubling-up as a dog kennel for "Rover", who, a note on the reverse says, "... lives in the boot". The photo was taken in the village of Drewsteignton in 1953, by which time this 1948 Austin was in its fifth year of service. Rover certainly looks very comfortable in the back of the capacious Austin saloon. The winged Austin badge can just be seen, fixed to the centre of the rear bumper.
Rear view of a 1948 Austin 16

5. Outside the Hawthorns Hotel, Bournemouth.

This snapshot isn't dated, but the presence of a BMC 1100/1300 points to it being 1962 or later. The location is outside the Hawthorns Hotel, Bournemouth, an establishment still in business but now named the Wessex Hotel. A mixed bag of British-built cars are in evidence, with a black Austin 16 being the clearest of them all, to the right parked alongside the aforementioned Austin or Morris. On the left, the shapely haunches of a Jaguar Mk2 are on show, with a plush Wolseley 6/110 and a slightly less luxurious Hillman Husky estate for company parked in front of the hotel.
The modern-day scene has changed little, although the vehicles parked outside the building have changed noticeably, and the outer walls of the hotel have - sadly IMO - been rendered (Streetview link).
Austin outside Hawthorns Wessex Hotel
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