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See Homepage. This page: Ford's mid/late '60s Cortina: a rally-prepared Mk2, a taxi-cab, and a 1600E.
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1. Ford Cortina Mk2.

MAX 2E was registered in the Monmouthshire area, sometime after May 1967. The car, a Mk2 Ford Cortina, is shown parked with other modified Fords in the background (a 105E can just be made out parked behind the Cortina, side-on). The photo came with a number of Mk1 Cortina rally car photos, so was probably seen at the same event.
Four spotlamps, with covers, are fitted to this particular Cortina, with other modifications including a discreet bonnet strap and, on the passenger's seat only, a clip-on head restraint, also in evidence. Judging by how clean the car is, if it was set to do some rallying, I'm guessing this is a "before" rather than "after" shot. The lack of Lotus badge on the grille, suggests that this particular Cortina probably wasn't blessed with twin-cam Lotus power, unless anyone remembers this car and knows different?
A Mark 2 version of the Ford Cortina saloon

2. Cortina Mk2 taxi-cab.

Jim sent this photo of a Bower's Mk2 Ford Cortina taxi, probably seen here in the early 1970s. By the time the firm was finished with these taxis, each Cortina could easily have cracked 200,000 miles, in sometimes as little as three years.
A Mark 2 Cortina taxi as used by Bowers

3. 1600E in St Tropez.

Site visitor John William Moore kindly supplied the following photograph of his old car. It's shown during a driving holiday in St Tropez, 1973. Evidently it had covered many miles over dusty French roads at the time of this photo. The registration was XYW 786H, confirming that the car was registered in late 1969 or early 1970.
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1600E Cortina parked in Spain
The video below contains over 110 photos of classic Cortinas, from the Mk1 through to the Mk5 including a number of derivatives.
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