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See Homepage. This page: A vintage Vauxhall 20/60 tourer of the late 1920s seen at different times of the year.
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Vauxhall 20/60.

The Vauxhall 20/60 of 1927 was introduced following GM's takeover of Vauxhall, much to the consternation of some who saw it as flogging-off the family silver to an overseas concern (something all-too-common nowadays!). The 20/60 was built by Vauxhall from 1927 through to 1932, during which time it underwent a number of revisions. All the photos on this page feature one Vauxhall, registration PR 9852, a Dorset series used from January 1923 to December 1927. This suggests that tourer PR 9852 is a fairly early example of the 20/60, most likely a 20/60 Princeton. The photos date from late 1930, through to mid-1932.

The Vauxhall seen in 1930.

The first picture shows the car with several people posed alongside it. Judging by their winter garments, and the car's sidescreens being in position, it suggested late autumn, or winter, when the picture was taken. Handily, a note on the back confirms this, saying "A stop for lunch near Mayfield Nov 16th 1930". One identifier for the GM-era Vauxhall 20/60, when compared to earlier vintage Vauxhalls, is the use of bolt-on wheels rather than knock-ons.
Side view of the 20/60 Princeton tourer

More trips out in the Vauxhall in 1931.

Most of the photos in this set were taken during trips out in 1931. The next shot shows the family with the Vauxhall during "A stop for lunch nr Forest Row, Sussex, June 1931". Going by all these old photos, it must have been a lot easier just to park up wherever you liked (within reason), and put the kettle on. Nowadays we're often herded to special parking areas, and restricted from making our own minds up on where is, and isn't, safe or appropriate to park for a spot of tea and scones.
Picnic time in the Vauxhall, 1931
Fast forward to the end of June 1931 and the family is still motoring around Sussex, seen here on June 28th enjoying another bite to eat, listening to their portable gramophone player.
Another bite to eat, with the Vauxhall in the background
Just a few days later this next photo was taken, showing the family "Leaving for 'Silverstrand' July 1st 1931". Neither the offside front tyre, nor the spare for that matter, is overly-blessed with tread, but back then no-one really worried too much about these details.
The 20/60 Vauxhall
The final shot of the six-cylinder Vauxhall in 1931 is this fuzzy offering, taken in Ullswater in August of that year. Or is it actually a different 20/60?? this one doesn't have the spare on the offside, and is lacking the small spotlamp affixed to the screen frame in the other photos.
The vintage Vauxhall in Ullswater

The Vauxhall in 1932.

The final photo in this set was taken at a very agreeable time of the year, June 1932 to be precise: "Waggoners' Wells nr Hindhead June 26th 1932". This is near Ludshott Common in Hampshire, and is now part of the National Trust. It certainly looks like a nice place to have a picnic. It seems that there is only a footpath winding its way through Waggoners' Wells now, rather than a lane, so anyone VSCC-type with a pre-war Vauxhall looking to re-enact this scene is probably out of luck. Again the family dog is in evidence, no doubt eyeing up the tasty morsels on the picnic table. This was doing it in style, note the lace tablecloth and vases of flowers.
A vintage Vauxhall on a family picnic

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A photo of what appears to be a van, based on a 20/60 chassis and in the ownership of film producers Gaumont British, may be found on this page. A Vauxhall D-Type of 1914/15 vintage can be seen on this page of the photo gallery section. A letter, dated October 1928 and on headed Vauxhall paper, sent to a customer regarding work done to his car, may be found here. Two photos of a c1924 23/60 Vauxhall, shown towing a vintage wooden boat, may be found on this page.
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