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Homepage. This page: Pre- and post-war photos of 2.5 Litre SS & Jaguar saloons, the later example being craned onto a boat.
Original transport photographs
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1. Mid-1930s SS Jaguar 2.5 Litre.

Shown below is a factory (airbrushed) photograph of the 1936/1937 SS Jaguar 2.5 litre saloon. It turned up along with a similar shot of a later SS 1.5 Litre that features on the site here. Visually there are many detail differences between the two pre-war cars. The larger-engined cars are however most easily identified by the position of the spare wheel, stored within the nearside wing/running board on the 2.5 litre cars.
A 2.5 Litre SS Jaguar of 1936/37

2. A pre-war (1936) SS 2.5 saloon.

Rob sent this photo over early in 2010, and agreed to it being shown here. The SS 2.5, registration CXX 632 (1936), belonged to his father. He adds: "[The photo] came off an old set of roll negatives which I scanned in. My father used to go skiing, and I know he made several trips overseas by car. I have the old AA 'trip adviser' wallets that you used to be able to request."
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SS Jaguar 2.5 litre

3. A post-war Jaguar 2.5 or 3.5 saloon.

After the war, the SS marque name was dropped and replaced by Jaguar, which hitherto had been a model name in the SS line-up. The 2.5 litre saloon above is most definitely a pre-war SS. The next photo is its post-war equivalent, in the shape of a 2.5 or 3.5 Litre Jaguar saloon. This example, registered MMX 941, is shown being hoisted aboard a ship by a crane, no doubt setting off on a Continental tour - note the GB plate affixed to the rear bumper, and the travel trunk strapped to the open bootlid. The MMX registration series was first issued in November 1946, therefore confirming this car's post-war registration date. In the days before roll-on roll-off ferries, craning a car aboard was the only option, and it wasn't unknown for a car to get wrecked when being lifted by crane on a windy day, the car being blown into the side of the vessel's hull.
A postwar 2.5 or 3.5 Litre Jaguar car

4. 1937 SS Jaguar 2.5 Litre saloon.

Thanks to Harry for the following photograph. In it, a decidedly-grubby 1937 2.5 SS Jaguar stands idle. Most of the coachwork and brightwork is plastered in grime, and the gently drooping door handles suggest that by the time of this photo, the car had been around for many years and had seen plenty of action. What became of this once-magnificent British car? The registration isn't fully legible, so I doubt that this question will ever be answered. Thanks for Peter Scott, a regular on the OCC Forum and my SS/Jaguar identifications contact, for confirming the model.
SS Jaguar 2.5 Litre saloon
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