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See Homepage. This page: Onlookers enjoying a factory tour admire a shiny new PC Cresta destined for export to Baghdad.
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Vauxhall Cresta PC - destination Baghdad.

Various examples of the original E-Series Cresta appear on the site, so it seemed appropriate to show one of the final examples of the model, the PC, built between 1965 and 1972. This photo came with a selection featuring Vauxhall FD Victors, and was taken on the same factory visit. Here, the lucky crowd get to see a brand new PC Cresta nearing the end of its assembly, with just a few minor details (such as hubcaps) still to be fitted. The single headlamps either side indicate that this was a base-model Cresta, albeit one fitted with whitewall tyres. A close look at the car's windscreen reveals a sticker with the single word "Baghdad" on it, presumably the car's destination. Maybe whitewall tyres were all the rage in Iraq?
A Vauxhall PC Cresta saloon
The PC Cresta was introduced in 1965 as a replacement for the outgoing PB, in either standard (PCS), Deluxe (PCD) or Executive (PCE) specification - the latter badged as Viscount. Power came courtesy of a 3.3 litre straight six, the early cars coupled to either a three speed (plus overdrive), a four speed, or an automatic gearbox. The base, or standard PCS model, had the single headlamps as shown on the car above, with twin headlamps featuring on the Deluxe and Viscount models. In 1967 a PC Cresta estate was offered, but didn't really catch on (thanks in part to a price tag that pitched it above rivals such as the Zephyr), so was dropped in 1968. Production of the four-door saloons continued until 1972.
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