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See Homepage. This page: A rare photo taken in Germany of a tiny Hanomag 2dr saloon car.
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Hanomag 3/16 of 1929.

Dirk in Texas emailed this family photo over late in 2009, wondering if the car could be identified. A fellow member of the VSCC identified it as a Hanomag 3/16 cabriolet, built in 1929. With Dirk's permission, the photo has now been added to this gallery of vintage motoring images. It was taken in 1937 and shows Dirk's Great-Uncle stood inside the Hanomag, parked at the side of a road in Kassel, Germany. When I first saw it, thoughts of the BMW Dixi (a licence-built Austin 7) came to mind, but there were a number of key differences which meant it had to be something else.
A 1929 Hanomag 3/16 classic car
The Hanomag 3/16 had a 751cc sidevalve engine initially (1929 to 1930), replaced by a slightly larger version of 797cc for the 1930 and 1931 model years. The only other motor-car of this make on oldclassiccar is this Hanomag 2/10, seen in recent years at a Swedish motor museum. How many of the later 3/16s still survive?
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