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See Homepage. This page: Two publicity photographs featuring FD-series Vauxhall Victors in the late 1960s, early 1970s.
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Vauxhall's FD Victor.

A couple of Vauxhall publicity photographs now, dating to 1969/1970 or so, taken on what looks like a guided tour of the factory. The first photo shows a shiny new Vauxhall Victor FD saloon following an FD estate on the production line, with a line of subframes (including engines) positioned below, readied for installation. Both Victors' rear bumpers had been fitted by this stage, yet the fronts were still to be installed. The estate has already been lowered onto its drivetrain, while the lighter-coloured saloon has yet to receive its running gear. Two chaps are studying the underside of the car, the one in overalls dragging on a cigarette as he does so. A crowd of onlookers, on a guided tour of the factory, look on admiringly. Perhaps they were wondering if the cars would be completed before the next round of industrial action.
Vauxhall Victors on the production line
The second photo is from the same batch, and may shed light on why all these people were at the Vauxhall site. It shows a parking area outside the plant, with a variety of cars, mostly Vauxhalls and Bedfords, with their owners. A squint through a magnifying glass reveals signs for an Economy Run in many of the cars' windscreens. Was this a Vauxhall-only run, or perhaps are they just a contingent from the Vauxhall plant taking part in a bigger, all-makes, event (eg the Mobil economy run)? Hopefully someone will remember it, and get in touch.
(Update: Graham dropped me a line, and confirms that yes these cars would have been taking part in the Mobil Economy Run, he says: "Vauxhall always entered vehicles, which were prepared by the Service Department - who also prepared the Press Demonstrators and magazine test cars". Thanks Graham.)
Vauxhalls outside the factory
Nearest to the camera is a Victor FD estate, with a 101 (FC) Victor saloon (reg. POG 215C) alongside. Next to that is an old HB Viva (SEL 278H), one of several Vivas in shot. To the right is a Bedford HA van (RDF 913G), in the livery of Brian G. Battle, Painter & Decorator. The oldest car is without doubt the E-Series Velox hiding away at the back, with, surprisingly, a Morris 1100/1300 behind it. In the distance, on the other side of a road, is a new HA van, a Cresta, and peaking out from behind a building, a CF van.
Several Victor photos appear in this section of the site, including the earlier FB type (here and here). A photo of the larger PC Cresta, seen on the same factory visit, can be found on this Cresta page.
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