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See Homepage. This page: A chauffeur sat behind the wheel of a vintage Talbot automobile, built circa 1907/1908.
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Talbot Landaulette.

Alun emailed this unidentified photo over, asking for help in discovering the make and model of car shown. Various people have come forward with information, confirming that the car is a British-made Talbot Landaulette, probably a Talbot 15hp 4D.
Edwardian Talbot motor-car
The Talbot features factory, single landaulette, coachwork, and probably dates to 1907 or 1908. Just visible, set into the bulkhead support casting beneath the nearside scuttle lamp, are the letters "CT" - for Clement Talbot. Talbot was formed in 1903 by Charles Chetwynd-Talbot, 20th Earl of Shrewsbury, to handle the import of the French Clement-Bayard. In 1905 they re-branded the cars as Clement-Talbots, and also assembled complete cars using imported parts, naming them Talbot. From 1906 they built cars of their own design.
I'm told that this Edwardian Talbot could have been finished in one of five colours - and of these, three were darker shades: Talbot Dark Green, Talbot Dark Red or Talbot Blue. Thanks to everyone who chipped in with information on this old photo.
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