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See Homepage. This page: Photos of the rare 18hp Morris saloon of the 1930s, including a rare van-bodied version in NZ.
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1. Pre-war Morris 18 Series 1.

Victor sent this pair of photos over, he's interested in old registration plates and has photographed numerous old cars on his travels. The first photo is of a pre-war Morris 18 Series 1 saloon, on spoked wheels, that he found in Ootacamund, South India, in 1968. Note the two-tone Standard Pennant parked behind the Morris, and also the Caltex Star Service Station.
A Morris 18 car in India

2. Pre-war Morris van.

The second photo sent in by Victor shows another large Morris, this time one that had been shipped to New Zealand, where it received this coachbuilt van body. Is this also based on the 18, or perhaps a larger model? It's finished in the livery of Eureka & Matangi, and runs on "easi-clean" disc wheels, making it I believe a Series 2 variant.
A large Morris van in New Zealand
The Morris 18 Series II was built in 1936 and 1937 only, and had a 6-cylinder sidevalve engine of 2288cc.

3. Side view of a saloon.

Next a photograph from my own files now, presenting a side view of a mid/late 1930s Morris Series 2 four-door saloon. A note written in ink on the reverse of the photo simply says "The family car". This view clearly shows the rear-hinged front doors, and front-hinged rear doors, an arrangement that places all the weight of the doors on the centre pillar. In the 1950s it wasn't unusual to read letters in a magazine such as Car Mechanics, sent in by owners of pre-war cars such as this, asking for tips on how to "right" their car's drooping doors, the weight of the doors combined with rust in the pillars causing them to sag somewhat.
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Side view of a pre-war Morris
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