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See Homepage. This page: A late-50s photograph of a rare pre-war 2 door Wolseley Coupe, seen prior to sale in 1957.
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Wolseley 12hp Coupe.

Geoff sent over this photograph late in 2009, after having found a photo of a similar Wolseley Coupe at Tatton Park, in the show photo section at oldclassiccar. The car at Tatton Park in 2005 was registered CXO 427, very similar to the number on his father's old Wolseley, which is shown below with Geoff's permission, shortly before being sold on, in 1957.
A 1936 Wolseley 12 coupe
Geoff adds: "My father had a Wolseley coupe 12hp reg no. CXO 404 [a London-issued number from 1936]. It was black and had a fixed material covered roof, a winding sunshine roof, leather upholstery, removable front seats which we used to take out for picnics, built-in hydraulic jacks, and a forward opening windscreen. I believe he bought the Wolseley from a Dick Jacobs, who owned Mill Garage in Woodford, Essex pre-war. I think it was 1936/37. I attach a photo taken by me in 1957 when he sold it to a work colleague." This car replaced a Wolseley Hornet Special (photo #6 on that page).
Thanks Geoff!!
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An early shot of a 1937 Morris 12 saloon can also be found on this page. A slightly later (1939) Wolseley Ten coupe, a car built in very low numbers only, may now be found on this page.

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