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The pre-war SS Jaguar 1.5 litre.

Peter Scott on the forum (an SS Jaguar owner himself) identified the model of SS shown here as the circa 1938-1939 Jaguar 1.5 litre. Although more airbrush than photograph, it seemed worthwhile to include this rare image on the site, especially as other SS Jaguars (ie the pre-war SS1 and the SS2) already feature.
A 1.5 Litre SS Jaguar
Saloon and drophead versions of the 1.5 litre Jaguar were offered prior to WW2, with only the closed saloon produced - as the Jaguar MkIV - after the war.

2. Another pre-war 1.5 Litre SS Jaguar.

Next, a photo that was taken in Margate, in August 1946, of a 1936 1.5 Litre. Initially I thought this was a 2.5, but Peter made the following observations... "... that's a 1936 1.5 litre not a 2.5. Identified by the sharp pointy lower corners of the windscreen, and the wing mounted spare wheel that projects above bonnet height. Also the unbroken line to front door leading edge." Thanks PS :-)
Another pre-war SS Jaguar saloon

3. A post-war Jaguar MkIV 1.5 litre.

Two photos from my own collection now, both feature a 1.5 litre Jaguar registration JTO 312 from early 1947. By now the "SS" title had been dropped, cars from now onwards simply being known as Jaguar. JTO is an interesting example as it's a Special Equipment model, clearly sporting a fine set of optional ACE full-width wheel discs.
Post-war 1947 Jaguar 1.5 litre saloon
The second photo of JTO sees the car again parked at the side of a quiet country road, and this time the car's elegant rear three-quarter view can be admired. Judging by the trees, it was an autumn or winter's day. In the distance a split-screen Morris Minor can be seen hurtling along, its presence suggesting that the Jaguar was a few years old at the time of these photographs, yet still in immaculate condition. No details appear on the DVLA site, so it would seem that this 1.5 litre saloon no longer exists, or if it does, it hasn't been registered for use in many a year, or perhaps went overseas.
Rear view of the 1.5 litre Jaguar

4. Another post-war Jaguar.

Once again Peter S confirmed the identity of this next elegant machine. The overall dimensions of the car, coupled with certain identifying features, judged the car to be a post-war (1946-1948) Jaguar 1.5 saloon, rather than an earlier SS variant. The photograph - printed on Velox paper - isn't dated, and nor is the location given either. Other photographs that accompanied this one show a seaside location, and the presence of a funfair or circus in the distance, seems to fit with it being a holiday-type resort. In the foreground is a "Keep Left" traffic bollard.
Side view of a post-war Jaguar

5. 1947 Jaguar 1.5 litre Special Equipment.

This old photo has been in Ian Vernon's family album since he was a child (he's shown photographed with his elder brother Eric in this shot). The car is a post-war Jaguar, as confirmed by forum regular Peter S, specifically a post-war 1.5 litre SE (Special Equipment) version, which can be identified thanks to the presence of Lucas P80 headlamps, FT58 fog lamps and bumpers with the curved ends. The example shown, registration SMC 591, also sports a set of ACE wheel discs, an option at the time and also to be found on the car featured a little further up this page. A heater - quite a luxury for the era - was standard on the SE.
Ian advises that the car was first registered in April 1947, he clearly remembers its knock-on wheel spinners and dark green upholstery. His father, Henry, was a big fan of its comprehensive tool kit. It was regularly used to tow a caravan, and the gearbox was a tad on the noisy side. The Jaguar was eventually replaced by a new Austin Princess, registration SVW 505, in silver with a grey interior.
Regarding the caravan, Ian adds: "The caravan was built by my father in the front garden in Chingford Essex, just before he got the Jaguar. I can remember a large length of timber on trestles that appeared in the garage (which my father built) on the side of the house, and over several evenings this 10 x 10 inch by 20 feet long beam was hand cut down the middle, then wheels and leaf springs all painted black arrived, and this was the start of the caravan."
Jaguar 1.5 SE model with an old caravan

6. KGF 974 in the snow.

My thanks to Frank Ormes, and his wife's family, for the next photo. I spotted it on Facebook, and with Frank's permission, I'm sharing it on this page. The Jaguar, a Mk4 saloon registered KGF 974, is seen with Frank's brothers-in-law, circa 1957. According to this page in the registrations section, the car was first registered in the London area, late 1948 or early 1949. This tallies with the location of the snowy scene - Streatham, in London.
Parked in the distance is a 1950s' Bedford van, while in the driveway close to the Jaguar is a similarly-aged Austin, possibly a 12.
1948 Mk4 Jaguar in the snow

7. ENX 997.

This photo, shared from site visitor Peter French's family album, is of 1.5 Litre Jaguar registration ENX 997. This Warwickshire registration raises a few questions, not least because the series came into being in September 1944. Either the car is a late pre-war example, that wasn't registered until 1944 (unlikely), or perhaps that because so few new cars were registered after WW2, it took several years for the series to be used up, making this perhaps a 1946 or 1947 example. Either way, it's a very interesting photo. Thanks for the photo Peter, and to Peter S on the forum for confirming the model identification (again!).
Post-war Jaguar 1.5 saloon car
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