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See Homepage. This page: An old photograph of a Cubitt, an automobile produced in Aylesbury during the vintage era.
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Cubitt 16/20hp tourer.

Whereas photos of Austins and Fords tend to turn up quite regularly, old pictures featuring the lesser-known marques are a lot less easy to track down. Identifying some of these early motorcars can be tricky too! After a little research, the large and imposing car in this photo was identified as a Cubitt, probably a 10/20hp touring model, built in Aylesbury circa 1920.
This date ties in nicely with a note on the back of the picture, which reads: "On the way to Mablethorpe June 26th 1921. Spent a jolly time together".
A vintage Cubitt motor-car
Cubitt cars were produced from 1919 to 1925 by the Cubitt Engineering Co Ltd, located on the Bicester Road. Approximately 3,000 cars were produced in all, and were marketed as good value machines, incorporating a good turn of speed yet an affordable price tag. One source suggests that as few as five examples of the Cubitt survive today. Sole concessionaires were The Cubitt Car Distributing Co. Ltd of Great Portland Street in London, with a further 300 agents presumably located across the UK. An advertisement dating to 1922 for the 16/20hp model, slightly later than the car shown above, includes some glowing owner-testimonials, eg ..
"I have been running a Cubitt for over 10 months, and can only say that I am entirely pleased with the car. Its power is admirable, and the way it 'hangs on' in climbing, after the revs have dropped down, is really surprising. I have several times made an average of 32mph on long journeys."
Cubitt advert from 1922

Another vintage Cubitt.

Shortly after putting this page live, John got in touch, sending over this cracking old photo from his family's album. It too shows a Cubitt, very similar to the 16/20 shown in the advertisement above.
Another vintage Cubitt autmobile
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On the subject of Cubitts, this page features a two-page letter sent by a garage in Camden to the lady owner of a Cubitt, that had been involved in a road accident. Judging by its Art Deco style, it must date to the 1920s.

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