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See Homepage. This page: Pre-war views of the early/mid-1920s Singer Ten tourer.
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Singer 10.

Firstly thanks to Peter and Roger who both identified this car from the front-on photo as a Singer 10, circa 1925. The registration RK 3124 suggests that the Singer was first registered in the London area, this series being used from 1922 to 1927. Since adding this page, I stumbled across a second picture of the same car, which shows a much better (front 3/4) view of it, clearly showing the 'S' on the centre retaining cap fitted to the spare wheel. There is also a two gallon motor-spirit tin fitted to the offside running board.
The second photo, showing the front end only, isn't the best, but still worth including here I think. This model of 10hp tourer was the forerunner to the Singer 10/26 of 1927. Note how the AA badge has been attached to the radiator filler cap.
A vintage Singer Ten with its driver behind the wheel
Front end view of the same Singer 10
This 10hp tourer looks like a 4-seater, a model that came fitted with a four cylinder engine of 1097cc, and a three speed gearbox. Braking was to the rear wheels only, and, as with many cars of that era, featured a central throttle pedal. Various pre-war Singers feature across the site, this page for instance includes several early types.

Another Singer 10, seen 1925 - 1930.

The following four photographs all feature a different Singer 10 to that shown above, on various day trips. The earliest photographs were taken in 1925, with the final image dating to 1930. The first picture shows a chap behind the wheel of his Singer on 17th June 1925. Mrs Wilson, and children, were sat in the back, the location was Woodbury Castle. Note how the sidescreens are fitted to the driver's side only, perhaps the nearside screens had been removed just for the photograph.
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A Singer 10 at Woodbury Castle
The next shot of this Singer Ten was taken a few days later, on the 27th June. Mr Denys Dimond, apparently, is the chap sat on the nearside running board. The location - Sidmouth. Again the nearside screens have been removed.
The Singer now parked in Sidmouth
The third photo of this particular vintage car dates to 5th July 1925, where the group find themselves back at Woodbury Castle. This time the front of the car is visible, and the distinctive Singer radiator badge can clearly be seen. Part of the registration plate - TT xxxx - can also be made out, suggesting that the car was registered in Devon between June 1924, and mid-1925, the date of these photographs.
A Vintage Singer Ten tourer car
The final shot in this group shows the same Singer, but five years later, in 1930. In the earlier photos, the car positively glistened, but by the time of this shot, was beginning to show its age. The bonnet and scuttle no longer shine, and the rear mudguard now has a kink in it. The tyres have also been replaced at some point in time. A number of other vintage cars can be seen in the background, easiest to identify is the diminutive Austin 7 "Chummy". The photo shows the car and occupants at Pier Approach, in Bournemouth, on 12th June 1930.
The pre-war Singer is now in Bournemouth
In the Collectables section of the site, there are two items of paperwork - dating to 1924 - that refer to the sale of a slightly earlier Singer 10hp at Parker's Ltd (Automobile Engineers), of Bolton and Manchester. Photographs of the Super Ten of the late 1930s, may now be found here.
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