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See Homepage. This page: A photograph sent from Australia that shows an antique Oldsmobile tourer.
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Vintage Oldsmobile in Australia.

Brian from New South Wales (NSW) in Australia emailed this photo over requiring identification, and it was Bengt Axel from the site forum that identified the car as an American Oldsmobile Touring, built circa 1925. The car belonged to Brian's father, and adds: "Attached is a photograph of a car owned by my father in the 1950's ... a car that was in immaculate condition. My father bought it in Kempsey NSW, Australia, from a widow. It had been driven very little and dad always garaged it. Unfortunately dad had a habit of keeping a car for only a few years and then trading it in on another. As far as I remember, he traded this in on a 1938 Ford sedan. One thing I do remember about this car is that it had a bad habit of breaking rear axles. However, this may have been due to the terrible roads we had to drive on in those days. They were mostly dirt, and more often than not were corrugated and this would set up regular vibrations".
An antique 1920s Oldsmobile touring car
Thanks for sending the photo over! Oldsmobiles aren't too plentiful on the site as yet, although there is an old photo of a 1947 Oldsmobile Sedanette which turned up some time ago.
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