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See Homepage. This page: A lady seen sat in the passenger seat of a 1930s' Renault Primaquatre automobile.
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Renault Primaquatre convertible.

This photo was sent by Christian, hoping that someone could help with the car's identification. It wasn't one that I recognised, so had to get some help. The car was then identified as a Renault Primaquatre of the 1930s, a four cylinder model produced in both saloon and convertible versions. The Primaquatre (Type KZ) was launched in December 1930, with sales to the public commencing in 1931. In 1936 a new version of the Primaquatre was introduced (the ACL1), with production continuing until 1941. The Renault in Christian's photo was registered DPE 196, a Surrey registration first used in December 1935, suggesting that the car in this photo probably dates to early 1936.
Pre-war Renault Primaquatre
Pre-war Renault material isn't plentiful on the site, although this invoice from 1929 describes the sale of a secondhand, vintage, Renault at the George Newman & Co. garage in London. A much earlier Renault AX, dating to 1910, can be found here.
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