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See Homepage. This page: A photo of a 1938 Hudson in Oldham, and also a 1939 example of this U.S. automobile.
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1. A RHD Hudson seen in the England.

Paul sent the first photograph over, asking if someone could identify it - a mention on the site forum lead to the car being identified as a 1938 Hudson, seen here in RHD form which must have been quite unusual in those days. The owner, Samuel Scott, is seen here posed alongside the Hudson at his home in Oldham, Northern England.
1938 Hudson car
Paul is building a site about the Scott's of Oldham road haulage business (link), and has turned up quite a few interesting old photos of lorries, and scenes relating to road haulage before and after the war. Well worth a look.
Hudsons were far from a common sight in the UK, so this stylish machine must have caused quite a stir on the roads of Manchester and Lancashire.

2. A 1939 Hudson, again in the UK.

Advice was sought and this car was finally identified as a 1939 Hudson, again photographed in the UK. This particular example, with a young couple leaning nonchalantly on the bonnet, wears a trade plate. Thanks to Terry for ok'ing its inclusion on the site.
1939 Hudson car
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A photo of a 1949 Hudson can be seen on this page, and views of a stylish 1934 Hudson Terraplane Six roadster can be seen here.

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