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See Homepage. This page: A photo of the James Bullock filling station & garage, located at 6 Manchester Rd, Cheadle, circa 1920s.
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The James Bullock Gas Filling Station in Cheadle.

This is the second photo that Ian Bullock kindly emailed over. Again it shows the garage business owned by his great grandfather, one James E. Bullock. It was located at 6 Manchester Road in Cheadle, close to the historic Cheadle Institute which can be seen in the background of this image. The building in this picture differs somewhat to that in Ian's other photo (see here, with a Bianchi parked outside), which makes me think that either Bullock's had two sites in the village, or the shop-fronted building was knocked down and replaced with a tin garage, or else simply the building's frontage was altered at some point. Both images show a Pratt's petroleum pump at the far righthand side of the buildings shown.
James Bullock's garage with various cars outside
The building has a good number of advertisements on it - largest being for the proprietor, advertising his Gas Filling Station (Gas usually being a word found on Stateside petrol stations, rather than those in Britain), and also his Motor Engineer & Car Hire facilities. The lefthand section of the building features displays of motor-car lamps and tyres for sale, with the workshop entrance, and office, over to the right near the pump.

Filling up with Pratt's Motor Spirit.

There is some interesting detail going on in this photo, so I've zoomed in on the key points of interest. Firstly, a better look at the car being topped up with the Pratt's Motor Spirit, enamel signs for which also adorn the front of the building. Two signs for Austin motorcars hang above the workshop entrance, and an advert for Spencer Moulton Motor Tyres can be seen in the office window. Does anyone recognise this car? it looks like a quality vehicle, note the extravagant windscreen in place for the rear seat passengers.
Car being filled with petrol at this Cheadle garage

An Edwardian Renault taxi.

Parked on the kerbside, facing the oncoming traffic (not that there would have been much) is a Renault taxi of the Edwardian era, with perhaps it's driver or chauffeur stood alongside. Is that the rear of another Renault parked in the distance?
A vintage Renault taxi at Bullock's garage

CAV lighting and Daimler hire cars advertised.

Finally, a closer looking at the motoring equipment displayed in the windows to the left of the building. In the window are advertisements for Lodge Plugs, CAV Dynamo Lighting Sets, and CAV Electric Driving Lamps. It would seem that Bullock's could also supply Daimler cars for hire, judging by the other lettering on the windows. Just visible on the left is an enamel sign for B.P. Motor Spirit.
CAV lights and dynamos
Thanks again to Ian for allowing these to be reproduced here. As I grew up in Cheadle, and my parents still live there, I'll take a photo of this site as it looks now, with a used car Lot on it, and add it to this page.
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