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See Homepage. This page: A photo from the 1930s, of a Ford bus/coach and it's driver plus quota of passengers.
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Ford Model AA country bus.

Ideally this photo would have been taken without the passengers stood in front of the bus, but never mind. The vehicle looks like a Ford Model AA to me, probably supplied as a chassis & scuttle to an outside coachbuilder. It would then have had bespoke coachwork built onto the Ford's chassis. The scene isn't known, although it is somewhere in Britain, and part of the vehicle's registration number is just visible, painted onto the o/s/r window. Although the bus itself plays second fiddle in this shot, it's interesting to see how people typically dressed when out on a day trip. No baggy jeans or iPods in evidence, just smartly pressed trousers for the gents, and warm coats and headgear for the ladies. The driver is stood to the left, he looks like a jolly chap and no doubt entertained his passengers with amusing tales, as he and his entourage cruised along at a leisurely 35mph or so.
A Ford Model AA-based bus
Although the Model AA is largely hidden, some details in this photo can be picked out. The Ford's wings and radiator are black, with the main coachwork finished in two-tone colour scheme. Parked alongside is another country bus, with similarly styled coachwork but on a different chassis, if the style of the bonnet side panel is anything to go by. Further along is the radiator of a Morris saloon, with to the left, two other cars of the 1930s parked up. To the right, in the far distance, is another car, possibly a 2dr coupe. Does anyone recognise the venue? I wonder if it could be a race meeting of some description, although whether it was for four-wheeled or four-legged racing, I can't say.
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