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See Homepage. This page: A rare Talbot tourer seen taking part on the Rallye Monte Carlo, perhaps prior to the war.
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Talbot 10 Sports Tourer on the Monte Carlo rally.

Michael emailed this photograph over. He found it amongst some old books that he bought at a local auction in Lincoln. Unsure as to what car was shown, he sent it over, asking if I could identify it. At first I thought it was a pre-war Sunbeam-Talbot, but now I think it is the earlier Talbot (pre-merger), possibly a Talbot 10 Sports Tourer. A check of the registration number, BCG 971, confirms that the BCG series was first used in April 1936, dating the Talbot to sometime after that date. I think this Talbot is probably from 1938, as in 1939 the cars were re-named as Sunbeam-Talbot Ten Sports Tourers. Perhaps someone could confirm this identity? There is also a T(albot) badge fitted to the centre of the bumper blade, and an early Talbot Owners Club badge fitted above the AA badge, at the bottom of the grille.
A pre-war Talbot on the Monte Carlo rally
The Talbot looks quite grubby in this photo, so the photo was probably take mid-rally. Note the full-length leather driving coat worn by the chap to the right. I've tried to find an entrants list for the pre-war Monte Carlo rallies, but as yet no luck - someone somewhere will have details of car number 12, on a Monte Carlo shortly before the war I have no doubt!
For comparison, photos of the drophead-coupe version of the "10" can be seen on this page.
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