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See Homepage. This page: A Bedford SB with coachwork by Duple, and another by Burlingham.
Original transport photographs
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1. Duple Bedford coach.

In all, I have three photographs of this classic Bedford SB coach. The first shows the unfortunate coach having encountered a soft verge at the side of a country lane. How it ended up in the verge is anyone's guess, perhaps he pulled over to let an oncoming vehicle through, or maybe swerved to avoid a clueless pheasant. Whatever, the passengers have exited the vehicle, and one decided to walk a little way back down the road and take this shot of the forlorn Bedford. The outside rear wheel on the offside is in the air entirely, and grooves in the grass verge illustrate that the coach travelled some way along the verge before coming to a halt at this drunken angle.
The coach's registration is 1230 MC, a London series first used in 1961. The operator appears to be H. Martin, of Uxbridge. Does anyone remember this operator, or their coaches?
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Crashed Bedford coach
The second photograph I have of 1230 MC shows two young chaps stood in front of the Bedford, with it's "bonnet", or radiator cover, removed. Whether these photographs were taken before or after the incident above, I'm not sure.
Bedford SB
The final picture in this trio presents a clearer view of the second coach parked alongside the H. Martin SB. This other vehicle looks to be a Plaxton-bodied SB, although I'm sure someone will be able to confirm or contradict this theory.
Duple-bodied coach

2. A Burlingham-bodied SB coach.

Henry emailed over the following photos of an SB coach, a petrol-engined machine with coachwork by Burlingham. The snapshot was taken during a school's trip, Henry was the driver for that outing. Amazingly he still has the petrol receipts, and sent over scans of them too.
Burlingham-bodied Bedford SB coach
Petrol receipts from 1968
The second view of this Burns-owned vehicle was taken at Tarves village square, in Aberdeenshire, where it was based in the 1960s. Also in shot are a Morris Minor and Ford 105E Anglia saloon, while just visible (to the right of the MM) is an upright "Theo Multiple" (Liverpool) petrol pump which, happily, is not only still there, but has been preserved in great condition. Henry kindly popped down to the square and took the colour photos. This type of pump was so-named as it could supply up to six different brands of fuel from the one pump, a boon to a garage business that was keen to stock a variety of blends but had only room for one or two pumps on its forecourt. Thanks for sending the pictures over :-)
Rear view of the Burns owned coach
Theo Multiple petrol pump of the 1920s
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