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See Homepage. This page: A Ford Thames van, and other classic Fords, parked in a side street in London during the 1960s.
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Thames 307E van.

A selection of classic British cars can be seen in this old photograph, centre stage being shared between a 5/7cwt Ford Thames 307E van (based on the 105E Anglia saloon) and a Mk3 Zodiac (registration 223 FXK). The van is registered POO 671, suggesting that it spent its early years in the South East of England, Essex in particular. Just visible behind it is an early 100E Ford, while off to the right, the rear corner of a Triumph Herald can just be made out.
Just ahead of the 307E is the entrance to The Establishment which, I believe, was a nightclub that existed in Soho in the early 1960s. The club's neighbour was "Sound Recording Studio B", while a little further away there was a tobacconist, and a sign for a club tailored to gents with an eye for the female form ... ding dong.
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Ford Thames 307E van.
The similarity of the 307E to the 105E is clear, especially when they're viewed from the front. While the 997cc Anglia made its debut in 1959, owners of small businesses would need to wait until 1961 for the 5cwt/7cwt Thames van versions to appear, replacing the 300E. The 5cwt featured a grille with painted horizontal slats, not unlike that fitted to the bog-standard (fleet car) versions of the 105E, while the 7cwt van had a bright mesh grille similar to that found on the Anglia Deluxe.
One interesting design feature of the van version can be seen in this photograph. The lower edges of the side doors rise as they continue rearwards, the idea being that delivery drivers could swing the doors open while out on their rounds, without the risk of his or her door's bottom edge clobbering the kerb.
Production of the Thames 307E van continued until November 1967, shortly before the debut of the new Mk1 Escort-based van in 1968.
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An invoice for just such a vehicle, purchased new from a garage in Devon, may be found here.

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