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Ford Model T Taxi.

The first of these vintage photographs originally appeared on a general Model T photo page, and has now been moved to a new page specifically featuring pictures of the Model T in its taxi version.

Model T taxi shown in 1915.

Firstly, an interesting old photo-postcard showing a Model T taxi, or "Hackney Carriage" as it says in small writing below the screen. Note how smartly dressed the driver and his female companions are. The registration, painted onto the taxi's radiator, is BW 2955. BW was used in the Oxfordshire area for a long spell of time, from December 1903 right through until June 1926. Also interesting is that none of the Ford's lamps are in place, just empty brackets. The roof rack is identical to that on the vehicle at the top of this page, although the vehicle is a little earlier. A note on the reverse dates the photo to 1915.
Model T taxi hackney carriage

2. Another Ford taxi, with driver at the wheel.

Colin sent the following superb photograph over, he's hoping to find out more information about this car:
In 2010 I obtained a photograph of my grandfather in his taxi. It was in my mother's collection and just before her recent death she said it was taken in the 1920s. I found your site very useful and have established that it was a Ford Model T taxi. However my grandfather's vehicle has differences from the two taxis shown on the site. In particular the roof rack has a mesh surround and the 'spare' is a tyre rather than a wheel. I know that he was a taxi driver in Weymouth, Dorset sometime after the First World War. I was wondering if you would be kind enough to give me your suggestions regarding (i) the exact model / date of this taxi (ii) the possible date of the photograph (iii) whether he would have owned the taxi himself, as suggested by my mother, or not.
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Another Ford Model T

3. A Model T Taxi and its driver in 1924.

Thanks to Malcolm now, for this great old photo of his late father in 1924 stood alongside a Model T taxi that he drove in, and around, Stockton Heath, Warrington. It's interesting to compare the body design with those shown in the previous two photos on this page, as superficially they are quite similar, but on closer inspection are very different.
Model T Ford taxi in Warrington
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