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See Homepage. This page: Photograph of a 100E estate car produced between September 1955 and October 1957.
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1955 - 1957 Ford 100E Squire.

Images of 100E saloons in their many variants already appear in numerous locations across the site, as do pictures of the related 300E van. This though is the first old photograph I've turned up to show the 100E "woodie", or to give it its proper name - Ford 100E Squire estate car, a model introduced in 1955.
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Ford 100E Squire estate car
The 100E Squire, with its horizontally-split rear tailgate, opened up small-Ford ownership to families who wanted an affordable runaround, but needed more carrying capacity than was offered by the 100E Anglias and Prefects. The early Squires, ie those built in 1955, 1956 and 1957, are the most distinctive, fitted as they were with wood trim down their sides. This, and the Prefect-style chrome headlamp surrounds and grille, marked it out as the up-market brother of the 100E Escort, identical in shape to the Squire but less-oppulently (!) appointed and priced accordingly.
In October 1957 the Squire was revised somewhat, losing the characteristic side trims in preference to simple chrome strips instead. In this form the Squire continued in production until 1959, with the Escort - also in revised form - continuing until 1961. Both models shared the same running gear, namely a sidevalve engine of 1172cc, bolted to a three-speed gearbox and driving the rear wheels.
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