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See Homepage. This page: A rare period photo of a 1937/8 Humber Snip Drophead Coupe outside a property named Turpins.
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Humber Drophead Coupe.

A number of Humber Snipes and Super Snipes already feature within this gallery of old photographs, but this is the first image I've found to include the rare Humber Foursome Drophead Coupe of 1937 in it. The registration series CRW was first introduced in March 1937. The Foursome Drophead Coupe, or DHC, coachwork was available on either the Snipe or Eighteen chassis, the main difference being the size of the engine fitted to each model - the Eighteen was powered by a 2,731cc engine while the Humber Snipe was equipped with a 4,085cc unit.
In 1938 a similar model was offered, known as the Humber Snipe Imperial Drophead Coupe. Instead of the streamlined sidelights fitted to the Foursome DHC, as can be seen fitted to the car below, the Imperial DHC of 1938 had more conventional side lamps.
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Humber Foursome Drophead Coupe
A saloon version of this classic Humber motor-car can be found on the pre-war Humber Snipe page.
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