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See Homepage. This page: A red and black vintage Citroen seen in 1956/57, and a B2 tourer in 1934.
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1. Bruce's Citroen B2 saloon in the 1950s.

Bruce sent in the first three Citroen photos on this page when signing up to the site forum, they shows him and a group of friends stood around his 1927 Citroen saloon. Bruce adds: "My first car (15 pounds paid) was a rear axle drive 1927 Citroen B2, otherwise known as a 12/24, it had a huge body capable of containing the tall hats worn by dignitaries of that era. I/we overhauled it from stem to stern, at that time I had already been a motor mechanic for 4 years and it ran for many years as a crumpet seeker for youngsters. I owned many classics from the 30s 40s and 50s eventully qualifying to become a factory mechanic on Volkswagen after many courses at London and Doncaster. During the 60s I formed Greyline Motors here in Peterborough, this ran successfully for 30 years until I retired."
A look on the DVLA site shows that this vintage Citroen, registration DO 6850, is still on the road and taxed. Does anyone know who the current owner is?
1927 Citroen B2
Vintage Citroen car
Citroen 12/24
Thanks for sending the photos over Bruce!

2. A Citroen B2 tourer in 1934.

Now for the four-seat touring version of the Citroen B2. Peter emailed this photo to me, it shows his father's vintage Citroen in 1934. He adds: "The original writing is on the back and it says it was taken on the 9th September 1934. It was quite possibly when my parents became engaged. My mother Greta Lawford (nee Ahier) and my father Harry Lawford are sat in the front. My father's cousin Owen Case with, at present, an unidentified girl in the back. It was taken very close to where my father lived before he was married - "Signal Post" , Noirmont, St Brelades, Jersey. The chimney of the house can be seen behind the windshield. Although very much different today, the house is still there. My great and great-great grandparents farmed at the adjacent "Bella Vista Farm" Noirmont, and this photo would have been in one of the fields. My father sold the car when he got married."
Thanks for sending it over. At first it was suggested that the car may be a B12 or B14, but I think that it's earlier than that. The filler neck on the scuttle, the bonnet louvres, and the distinctive sweep of the front wings, all suggest the B2 to me.
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A family with their Citroen B2 car
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