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Homepage. This page: Two vintage shots of a left-hand drive Citroen B14 with its owner in the 1920's, and a tourer.

1. The Citroen B14 saloon.

In all, three photos of this Citroen B14 turned up not so long ago, and the clearest two of these are shown below. The first shows a smart chap, hair slicked back, leaning against the driver's door of his B14 saloon. This vintage car is LHD, but I can't make out all of the Citroen's registration plate, so the exact location of this car may remain a mystery. The coachwork is that of a six-light, four-door saloon. The four cylinder, rear-wheel drive B14 was introduced late in 1926, and only continued in production until 1928. If only all cars that crop up in old photos were so easy to identify! Note the large trafficators fitted to the Citroen's windscreen supports. The tyres, Englebert Chevron Cord pattern, look like they've covered a few miles.
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A vintage Citroen B14 motor-car
The second photo shows the same gent stood leaning against the passenger door, wearing the same attire as in the first photo. The car though has moved, whereas it was on a paved surface previously, now it is on grass.
Side view of the vintage Citroen

2. Citroen B14 tourer.

The next photograph of a B14 to surface shows a group of people sat in a four-door tourer, registration SS 2851. This was a Scottish series that ran from 1904 right through until 1955, but is the location of this photo also in Scotland? It looks to be on the coast, with an imposing building - possibly a hotel - in the background. An interesting old crane can just be made out over to the left, above the rear seat passenger's hat.
The weight of three people sat on the back seat looks to be taking its toll on the Citroen's rear suspension!
Citroen B14 tourer and passengers

3. Citroen B14 two-seat convertible.

Again a photograph taken in the UK of a Citroen B14, this time in two-seater convertible guise. The nearside front tyre is a Dunlop Cord, the remainder I'm less sure of. A chap leans nonchalantly against the side of his vintage Citroen, with a cigarette (Gauloise?) in his right hand, a young dame hanging off his left arm.
Convertible Citroen B14
A number of other vintage Citroens now feature in this gallery, this page for instance contains several views of the slightly earlier B2 model.
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