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See Homepage. This page: A pair of Series 2A Land Rovers in use with the RAF during the 1960s.
Original transport photographs
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RAF Land Rover Series 2A plus a Blackburn Beverley.

The photo shown below turned up with a small number of aircraft-related pictures a while back. As it shows a Land Rover preparing to drive into the capacious load area of the Blackburn Beverley transport aircraft, it seemed reasonable to include it here. The Beverley was the RAF Transport Command's cargo aircraft, and a very versatile tool it was, with the twin 'clam shell' rear doors clearly visible in this photograph. Some years ago I saw my first Beverley, an impressive sight when stood below it, parked in the car park at RAF Hendon. Sadly that example was later scrapped by the museum (grrrr).
Blackburn Beverley and an RAF Land Rover
The scene I think was captured at either an RAF open day, or else an airshow, judging by the members of public milling around the hefty twin-tail aircraft. I can't quite make out the markings on the Land Rover, so that'll not give any clues as to the location of this photo, although perhaps the hangar buildings in the background may help - Farnborough perhaps??
Despite the RAF chopping up their Beverleys many years ago, one example of the type does remain, and that particular airframe, one-time resident at the Museum of Army Transport at Beverley, East Yorkshire, can now be found at Fort Paull, a preserved coastal artillery fort near Hull. The excellent work of the Beverley Association is ensuring that memories of this classic aircraft live on. I was once told a story of several RAF aircrew, somewhere in the Middle East I think, taking a breather and catching some sun lying on the wing of a Beverley, when a passing Buccaneer pilot did a high speed flyby, beneath the wing of the Beverley, much to the excitement of the chaps putting their feet up. If anyone knows more of this, please get in touch.
This isn't the first photo to appear on oldclassiccar showing a motor vehicle preparing to board an aircraft - this photo shows a Hillman saloon boarding a Bristol Freighter, operated by Silver City.

Another Land Rover in use with the RAF.

Bonny, who is ex-RAF himself, emailed over the following photograph which happens to have in it, a Royal Air Force Land Rover. The location is Biggin Hill, and the year 1962. Also in shot is a smart dark green Daimler SP250 "Dart", on steel wheels. Aviation interest is provided by Bristol Sycamore HR14 registration XG515, which first flew seven years earlier on 10th August 1955. In the background is a Percival Prentice trainer.
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Another RAF Land Rover, at Biggin Hill
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