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See Homepage. This page: Two different AC Cobras seen at a racing circuit in the 1960s.
Original transport photographs
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1. AC Cobra 289 COB 6041.

Both Cobra photographs are from my own collection, although who took these snaps sadly I don't know. The first shows AC Cobra registration number EPJ 808B, numbered 126 for this particular race, parked up in the paddock at a circuit. A little investigation reveals that this particular 289 Cobra, chassis number COB 6041, sold at auction not so long ago, and is still going strongly and competing in historic events. In fact, a search for information on this chassis # brought up this photograph on, showing the exact same car, after a frontal impact during a race meeting at Spa in 2007. This photo, on a Cobra site, shows the same car competing in a drag race many years ago, in the hands of then-owner Gerry Tyack.
Again finishing a meeting in the wall, COB 6041 appeared at the 2008 Goodwood Revival (photo), and came to an abrupt end in the barriers on the outside (I believe) of Madgwick Corner, the driver (Whizzo Williams) got out ok. I wonder just how many times the front end of this car has been repaired???? Thankfully the flared arches seen on the car when this photo was taken, during the 1960s, have been ditched.
Several interesting old cars appear behind the Cobra too, including a Borgward Isabella Estate car (like this one), a Mk2 Zodiac or Zephyr, Mini, A Humber Sceptre or Singer Vogue, two 400E panel vans and a race-prep'd 105E Anglia.
AC Cobra 289
Just to bring things up-to-date for COB6041, Albert kindly sent the following photo over of the same Cobra, entered in a historic meeting at Spa in recent times.
Recent view of COB 6041 AC Cobra at Spa

2. AC Cobra COB 6051.

The second photo shows another 289 AC Cobra, although the registration is only partially visible behind an oil can in front of the car. The registration ends with "..64C". Also in view is a Jaguar E-Type (maybe a Lightweight?), Riley Elf/Wolseley Hornet, an early Mini being worked on, a Triumph TR4, and a Herald convertible. If anyone can shed any light on this Cobra, and the venue(s) shown in both photographs, please drop me a line and I'll update this page.
Update. Robin Stainer, AC Owners' Club Cobra Registrar, dropped me a line and has this information to add about this Cobra: "I believe the car to be COB 6051 (COP 464C), ex-works 12 May 65 and sold by Hunts Garage, Birmingham, to Vic Hassall, a Birmingham-based amateur racer who raced an AC Ace with some success in the late 50s/early 60s. Hassall sold the car in 70 to Nick Green, now living in Datchet. Nick Green still owns it". Thanks Robin!
AC Cobra
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