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See Homepage. This page: Two old photographs featuring a Chevrolet 150 Handyman station wagon.
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A '53 Chevy Handyman.

Monica sent over these photographs, asking if the car shown in the photos below could be identified, to help with a book she is preparing about her father. Stuchamp on the site forum quickly identified the car shown as a 1953 Chevy 150 Handyman, one of a range of estate cars/station wagons that Chevy were selling at that time, in the early 1950s. Monica's parents used the Chevy to go on their honeymoon, and she was curious as to what the make and model were.
Colour photo of a Chevy Handyman
B/W photo of the same Handyman estate car
The 150 Handyman cost $2010 when on sale in 1953. It was pitched as a low-price station wagon suitable for the family buyer, with accomodation for upto six people in all. Available at the same time was a higher priced version, known as the Townsman, powered by the 'Thrift King' engine coupled to manual transmission, or with the 'Blue Flame' engine driving a Powerglide automatic transmission. The Townsman could be differentiated from the Handyman thanks to faux wood trim fitted around and below the side windows. Sitting between the 150 Handyman and the Townsman was another version, the 210 Handyman, which featured extra chrome side trims when compared to the 150.
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