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See Homepage. This page: Thanks to Bruce, who sent in these old photos showing his pre-war Austin Ten.
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Austin 10 Colwyn.

Bruce sent these two pictures in, they both feature an Austin 10/4 cabriolet that he once owned. This car, registration NJ 7132, is a two door convertible version of the popular pre-war Austin Ten. Soft-top versions of the Austin 10 were nothing new when the Colwyn was launched. Prior to the re-vamped 10 range being introduced late in '34, the chrome-rad 10/4s could have been specified either as a four seater tourer, or else the 10/4 Cabriolet, the latter being the direct forerunner of the Austin 10 Colwyn shown here.
Austin Colwyn cabriolet
Just as the Austin 10 Lichfield saloon replaced the 10/4 Saloon late in 1934, the Colwyn Cabriolet took over from the chrome rad Cabrio. The newer cars could quickly be differentiated from the outgoing models, by their painted radiator grilles. Power as before came from the 1125cc sidevalve four cylinder engine.
The folding roof was a smartly designed affair, featuring a lined hood and glass rear window. The roof was a three-position affair, it could either be i) fully closed ii) partially open, with just the hood over the front seat occupants being rolled back, or iii) fully folded down on to the rear bodywork. The pram irons therefore were functional, folding in two when the hood was fully folded down. Whereas the tourer had removable sidescreens, the Colwyn (and the Cabriolet before it) had fixed front door surrounds, and wind-up windows, the wide doors giving decent access to the rear seats, making this version of the Austin 10 a practical four seater, and usefully more commodious than the 7. Thanks for the photos Bruce!
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