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See Homepage. This page: A four door Viscount saloon with it's owner, Bruce.
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Vauxhall Viscount 3.3 litre.

Another picture from Bruce's album, this one showing him with his 3.3 Vauxhall Viscount, in the 1970s. Parked alongside is an Austin or Morris 1800, with a Mk2 Escort in the distance.
Vauxhall Viscount classic car
The big Viscount saloon was the luxury car in Vauxhall's line-up, note the swish full width wheel trims, and vinyl roof. This model was based on the contemporary PC Cresta, sharing the 'coke bottle' styling also seen on the company's FD Victor range. The Viscount came with power steering, electric windows and a smart wooden dash, to differentiate it from more lowly Vauxhall products. These cars didn't sell in huge numbers, despite The Queen having a Viscount estate for the weekly shopping trip to ASDA, and were finally phased out in 1972.
Bruce adds about the car shown above: "This picture was taken on a day that I had promised to use the car to ferry a bride to and from the ceremony and reception. Later, sadly, it blotted its otherwise faultless performance, one very dark night we were travelling along a high bank road, my late wife was driving at around 75/80 with all 4 headlights on, suddenly they all went off, leaving her hurtling into a black void. Without panic she gently braked and pulled up at which time they all went on. I felt so proud and relieved that she had responded so well. Next day I fitted a head/side lamp switch, and checked all the wiring to the lights, it turned out to be a thermal trip that had turned out the lights and gave us a scare. Sadly I lost faith and this was the only Vauxhall I/we ever owned, otherwise it was a superb machine with black leather upholstery and all the current goodies, the engine felt unbreakable as did all the big sixes of the period."
Recent photos of a restored Vauxhall Viscount can be seen here, and a number of Viscount-related classified ads are in the Vauxhall parts section, again here at oldclassiccar.
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