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See Homepage. This page: David's third car, a Vauxhall 14 seen in 1966/67, plus earlier 14hp Vauxhall images.
Original transport photographs
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1. David's pre-war Vauxhall 14.

This latest old photo sent over by David, shows his third motorcar, a circa 1939 Vauxhall 14hp saloon (Model J Type), the Anglia E494A by this point already having fallen apart. The pre-war Vauxhall 14 was an altogether more luxurious machine than the Anglia, featuring as it did a straight six engine, and comfy leather interior. Not bad going considering David still wasn't old enough to drive on the road. Again, the car was to see out its days being driven energetically in the neighbouring field: "While I had the car running, I drove it in the 10 acre field next to our house, and I do remember 50mph was quite an achievement, especially as I struggled to see over the steering wheel. Failure to stop would result in ending up in a 6' deep drainage ditch, but I managed to avoid that".
"This was my third car, it cost 4 pounds and lasted for about 9 months. One day I dropped the clutch too hard on leaving the garage (in left of the pic), and broke the crown wheel. There was no chance of repairing it, so some parts were stripped out, including the passenger seat .... the remains of the car were buried in an old quarry, I think at Smeeth (Kent). I still have the steering wheel - a souvenir you understand".
A Vauxhall 14 Model J

2. Photos of an earlier Vauxhall 14

Paul emailed some photos over, and agreed to them being added to the site. They show a Vauxhall 14 that once belonged to his family, and wonders if the unusual-looking boot arrangement was normal for Vauxhalls of the mid/late 1930s? It does look like an add-on to me, with a curious opening hatch at the top, rather than having a fully-opening bootlid. The Vauxhall shown is a little earlier than the first 14 shown on this page, as it still has running boards.
A Vauxhall cars of the 1930s
Vauxhall pictures
Vauxhall 14

3. A Vauxhall 14 in Japan.

Next, is this interesting photo sent over by Vic, showing a lefthand drive Vauxhall 14 parked alongside a Renault in Japan. Both were British-owned.
Vauxhall 14hp in Japan

4. A postwar Vauxhall Fourteen with a Pemberton caravan.

Adrian kindly sent over the next two photographs, they show a Vauxhall Fourteen that belonged to his parents in the late 1950s. The FCR registration series was first used in November 1947, confirming this example as a post-war 14hp car. From what Adrian remembers of this car, it wasn't the best towing vehicle ever invented: "In 1956 my parents bought a Pemberton caravan, parked it in the drive most of the year, and took us all to Cornwall for holidays. At about the same time they bought a Vauxhall 14 (FCR 516), which I recall was very quiet compared to the wooden-backed 'shooting brake' they'd had previously. The Vauxhall used to puff and wheeze up anything like a hill whilst towing the caravan, and eventually steam would appear followed by an AA man to change the top hose."
(Please click the thumbnail to view full-size image.)
Postwar Vauxhall Fourteen car
The Vauxhall and a Pemberton caravan

5. A pre-war Vauxhall with L plates attached.

Ron kindly agreed to this next photo being included on this page. It shows Ron, larger of the two boys, in the early 1950s with the family Vauxhall 14hp saloon. It is identifiable as an early example of the breed, thanks to the prominent running boards that didn't feature on later 14s. The registration number DKJ 874 confirms that it spent its early years in or around Kent. The L plate attached to the front bumper suggests that someone was learning to drive at the time.
Pre-war Vauxhall 14 car
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A post-war photo of a Vauxhall 14 (DX) Cabriolet, possibly by Tickford's, can be seen on this page.
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