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Original transport photographs
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1. Mid-1950s Ford Zephyr Zodiac.

Thanks again to Peter for sending over some car photos from the family album - these two shots show the two tone Ford Zephyr Zodiac that belonged to his brother. A close look at the car in these views suggests that it was a few years old by this time, so dating the photo most likely to the early or mid 1960s. The first picture shows the Mk1 Zodiac head-on, parked up at the kerbside. The car was registered NSC 7, an Edinburgh number. Some of the key identifiers marking this out as the Zephyr Zodiac, rather than the plainer Mk1 Zephyr Six, are obvious in this shot, including the two-tone paintwork and chrome Lucas fog & spot lamps. Also note the optional roof rack fitted to this particular Zodiac. A number of other 'classics' are also visible in the street, including a grey Hillman Minx, with Riley Elf/Wolseley Hornet behind it, and a beige Mini furthest away.
Ford Zodiac Mk1
The second photo shows the same car with the boot open, being unloaded. Apart from a hefty dent in the o/s sill panel, the car looks quite tidy - Peter adds that there was a recurring clutch issue with the Zodiac, which ultimately led to it being dispatched to the scrapyard.
Rear view of the Ford Zodiac Mk1

2. Mk1 Zephyr Zodiac press photograph.

David B kindly sent the next old photograph over. Believed to have been taken in 1953 by Ford's press department, it shows a brand new Zephyr Zodiac parked outside a country pile. These cars were available in a choice of three two-tone colour schemes (click here to see the colour chart for these models).
Zephyr Zodiac Mk1 press photo
Photos of this model's replacement can be found on the Mk2 Ford Zodiac photo page.

3. A Mk1 outside the pavilion in Ryde.

Mixed in with two old albums of photographs came this shot, taken on the road outside the Pavilion in Ryde, August 1959. Lots of holidaymakers can be seen milling around, soaking up the sun. Of more interest though are the roadside attractions. Nearest the camera, and parked close to a young chap pushing his bicycle, is a two-tone Zephyr Zodiac registered 446 GRF. No doubt the roof rack was well loaded with luggage when it came down from its Staffordshire home. In addition to the roof rack, the six-cylinder Ford also sports aftermarket wing mirrors and, barely visible, a steel visor over its windscreen. Stationary a short distance away, facing the Zodiac, is another Ford - this one of the perpendicular breed, a pre-war 7Y "Eight" in base spec, rather than Deluxe trim (single windscreen wiper only visible). It too has a luggage rack attached to its roof.
Two motorcycle sidecar combinations are shown cruising along. Note the lack of road markings cluttering up this late-1950s scene, only a clutch of cast aluminium road signs - with their distinctive red triangles or circles on top - can be seen, over to the left. Not a single yellow line or humour-less parking attendant in sight!
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A Mk1 in Ryde, 1959
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